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The Europa League always promises strong emotions and the latest matches have been no exception. Here I bring you a summary of the highlights in the world of European football:

Liverpool: A Roller Coaster of Results
The Liverpool team has experienced contrasting moments in their Europa League campaign. Despite a 2-1 defeat against Union SG, a challenging match for their young team, the ‘Reds’ managed to qualify for the knockout stages as group winners. This was thanks to a convincing 4-0 victory over LASK at Anfield, where their attacking trio shined, showing the depth and quality of the team.

Brighton and West Ham: Shining in Europe
Brighton have proven themselves on the European stage, avoiding the Europa League play-off stage thanks to a magnificent goal from Joao Pedro, which took the team to the top of Group B. This victory over Olympique de Marseille not only It was a tactical victory, but also a morale boost for the team.

West Ham, meanwhile, have maintained an impressive performance, securing first place in their group with a 2-0 victory over Freiburg. His professional performance on the field has been a clear indication of his seriousness and ambition in the tournament.

Rangers: Triumph on the European Stage
The Rangers team, under the leadership of Philippe Clement, had a memorable moment by securing a 3-2 victory over Real Betis. Not only was this triumph exciting, it also secured their place in the knockout stages of the Europa League, marking a significant milestone for the Scottish club.

In conclusion
The Europa League continues to offer drama, excitement and high-quality football. With teams like Liverpool, Brighton, West Ham and Rangers showing their quality and determination, fans can expect more exciting action in the coming rounds. The competition continues to be a showcase for emerging talent and a battleground for teams seeking glory on the European stage.